Kpangnan Butter, 14 oz

Kpangnan Butter, 14 oz
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Kpangnan is the butter from the African Butter Tree (Pentadesma butyracea), and has been sold in the west under the name of Golden Shea Butter or Yellow Shea Butter. In fact, the African Butter Tree is a completely different species of tree that grows along the rivers in central Togo. Shea trees grow in the open savanna. In contrast, African Butter trees grown in the dense gallery forests along the rivers and streams where water is abundant. Kpangnan is the local name in central Togo for this butter, which is used for traditional skin care. While this butter is popular because of its bright yellow color, its unsaponifiable value is not as high as that of shea butter. Kpangnan butter is not Golden Shea Butter. Golden or Yellow shea butter is actually regular shea butter that has been dyed.